S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Ashtray Chrome

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S.T. Dupont has supplied elegant smoking accessories to the most discerning of aficionados since 1872, and today the long-time French company remains the go-to source for the most luxurious of items. Due to its combination of old-world class with cutting-edge contemporary designs, Dupont’s MaxiJet series is a favorite landing spot for cigar lovers everywhere. One of the MaxiJet line’s biggest crowd-pleasers is the S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Ashtray Chrome.

This ashtray, with its high-polish chrome-plated finish, simply oozes with opulence and modern appeal that will garner attention, whether at home or the office. The surface is so beautifully shiny you could almost use it as a mirror! It's the ideal dressing for the ashtray’s sophisticated rectangular shape and sleek, sloping lines.

While the ashtray is stunning in form, it is also highly functional with a large bowl perfectly suited for two cigars. Dupont’s designers have also cleverly integrated a way to display your Dupont MaxiJet lighter. A recessed area that is the exact size of the MaxiJet lighter lets you keep your lighter close and easily accessible. You won’t have to mess with trying to find your lighter or fishing it out of your pocket. Since it will be resting on the ashtray, it will be right where it needs to be all the time! The ashtray’s unique composition means you spend less time dumping ash or searching for a source of fire, allowing you and a fellow cigar enthusiast to spend more time savoring the moment.

Made in France and decorated with S.T. Dupont signature mark of excellence, the MaxiJet Ashtray Chrome is an essential accessory that you simply do not want to be without. The ashtray is a durable and deeply captivating creation designed for those wanting to upgrade their overall cigar smoking experience. Combined with a Dupont MaxiJet lighter and matching cutter, the ashtray will put the finishing touch on your Dupont MaxiJet collection.
Coating: Chrome-plated
Material: Metal
Type: Cigar ashtray
Item ID: 6400
Stirrups: 2 cigars
Product weight: 910 g
Width: 115 mm
Depth: 230 mm
Brand: S.T. Dupont
Color: Silver
EAN code: 3597390068514

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