Prometheus Octagon Humidor Rosewood 50 Cigars


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Prometheus is home to a vast collection of cigar accessories that cigar lovers have come to trust. Amongst the exquisite products offered, the Prometheus humidor line-up is a favorite with the Prometheus Octagon Series of humidors being one of its superstars.

This beautiful creation features, as the name suggests, a unique octagon shape that is both contemporary and elegant. A rosewood veneer with high gloss lacquer finish makes for a striking look with its flowing grain pattern flowing over rounded edges. The added accent of a nickel-plated brass lid handle puts the finishing touch on what will prove a most worthy centerpiece for any décor.

The humidor’s interior is lined with okoume, a wood that has almost no scent and, therefore, won’t affect the aroma or taste of your cigars. Two dividers help to keep up to 50 Corona-size cigars organized, while robust nickel-plated hinges provide the lid with a smooth action. The Prometheus Optima humidifier, made in France, provides the very best in humidity control, which you can monitor with an included Prometheus-branded digital hygro-thermometer.

With a luxuriously sophisticated design and tremendous humidity control at your fingertips, the Prometheus Octagon Humidor Rosewood 50 Cigars is a modern classic.

Width: 252 mm
Length: 310 mm
Hygrometer: Digital hygrometer
Lock and key to close the humidor: No
Height: 127 mm
Equipped with hygrometer: Yes
Included dividers: 2
EAN code: 0647818302256

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