Partagás Triple Cigar Case Leather

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Partagás is one of the most legendary cigar brands in the world and has been a favorite of cigar lovers everywhere since 1845. For those aficionados on the go, a great way to show off their love for the legendary cigars is with the Partagás Triple Cigar Case Leather.

This eye-catching genuine leather case draws attention with a colorful exterior fashioned after the famous wood-grain pattern found on boxes of Partagás cigars. The front of the case is adorned with the same Partagás logo that is used at the legendary Partagás factory in Havana, completing the signature Partagás look.

The cigar case is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating up to three Churchill-size cigars. The two-piece telescoping design allows for cigars of varying lengths. You will be able to take your favorite Partagás cigars in safety and a most contemporary style no matter where you travel.

The Partagás Triple Cigar Case Leather is ideal for Partagás enthusiasts wanting a cigar case that proclaims their loyalty with a little more pizazz than traditional cases. It is also a must-have for those who collect Habanos-branded accessories looking to expand their collection. An unforgettable gem that is unmistakably Partagás.
Item ID: 680.65.07.3003
Brand: Habanos
Largest cigar vitolas: Churchill
For: 3 cigars
EAN code: 4260327152189

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