IM Corona Double Corona Lighter Matte Black/Chromed Brass

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IM Corona lighter Double Corona


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IM Corona is home to a collection of high-quality accessories that combine reliability and ease of use with a pleasingly nostalgic character. A perfect example is the exquisitely designed and all-time favorite amongst cigar aficionados, IM Corona Double Corona Lighter Matte Black/Chromed Brass.

This old school flip-top lighter has timeless appeal with its matte black finish. Adding a touch of style and distinction is a chromed flint wheel. This contrast of light and dark makes for a deeply pleasing look that is sure to be the favorite of any cigar lover’s tool kit.

With one flip of the lid and roll of the flint wheel, an extra-wide soft flame emerges. The flame is created by two valve stem openings, which offer a double-sized flame for greater coverage and ease when lighting your favorite cigars. Refilling with butane is quick and easy, as is replacing the flint. Just slide the tab on top of the flint housing, drop in a new flint, and that’s it!

Whether you want a lighter that is built to last, elegantly designed for even the most formal of affairs or a combination of both, the IM Corona Double Corona Lighter Matte Black/Chromed Brass is an exceptional choice.
EAN code: 4260128727937
Flame type: Soft flame
Coating: Chrome-plated
Gas: Butane gas
Suitable for pipe smokers: No
Model: IM Corona lighter Double Corona chromed brass/black matt
Weight: 91 g
Gas level window: No
Item ID: 69-9111C
Brand: IM Corona
Flames: 2
Made of: Metal
Special features: None
Dimensions (H x W x D): 10 mm x 35 mm x 61 mm
Color: Black

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