Dunhill Unique lighter palladium leather Dunhill Unique lighter palladium leather Dunhill Unique lighter palladium leather Dunhill Unique lighter palladium leather
Dunhill Unique lighter palladium leather

Dunhill Unique Lighter Palladium Leather


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There is perhaps no other name in the pipe and tobacco world that better evokes nostalgia or the quintessential English character than that of Dunhill. Founder Alfred Dunhill began it all in 1893 when he turned his father’s saddlery firm into a purveyor of accessories for what was then a new sector of customers, automobile enthusiasts. In 1907, Dunhill turned his eye to pipes and tobacco, and over a century later, Dunhill remains one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Alfred Dunhill’s legacy burns brighter than ever with the Dunhill Rollagas Lighter Leather Palladium.

First released in 1956, Dunhill’s innovative Rollagas design became the benchmark for all others to emulate and is beautifully represented here with a mix of the old world and the new. A decidedly contemporary palladium finish grabs the eye, while deeply textured black leather panels pay homage to Dunhill’s beginnings. The style has even been dubbed the “Sidecar” in honor of Alfred’s early emphasis on auto accessories. While opulent to be sure, the alluring combination lends an air of quiet sophistication that is ideally suited to almost any occasion.

The timeless rectangular design makes the lighter comfortable to hold and stow in a pocket when on the go. The classic flint wheel ignition and rugged butane fuel reservoir work together to provide a traditional soft flame. A flame adjustment wheel on the side of the lighter lets you conveniently turn the flame up or down with just a touch of a finger. Refueling and changing flints is a simple process that won’t take up much of your time either, leaving you to spend it freely on the things you enjoy.

Dunhill products have delighted the most discerning of gentlemen and ladies since Alfred’s earliest days to Dunhill’s place as one of the modern world’s most recognizable luxury brands. The Dunhill Rollagas Lighter is no different and is sure to prove a most gratifying companion for years to come.
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Dunhill Rollagas Lighter Sidecar
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