Cutters, Cigar Scissors

Cutters, Cigar Scissors

The first step in enjoying a premium cigar is to create a way to draw through the cigar using one of any number of cigar cutting tools. With a sharper, cleaner cut providing the best draw, choosing the right cigar cutter will help deliver a more satisfying cigar smoking adventure. HumidorDiscount is here to help you find the best style of cutter for you.

Types of Cutters

There is a wide range of cigar cutting tools, with each one lending a unique take on a cigar’s character. Since how you cut your cigar ultimately comes down to personal preference, a brief look at the differences of each will better help you to find the style that offers you the best experience.

The guillotine cigar cutter is one of the most popular ways in which to cut a cigar. These classic cutters come in a wildly diverse range of styles and deliver an easy and efficient way to cut your cigar. Guillotine cutters are also preferred by many aficionados, as guillotines usually remove the largest portion of the leaf. This allows for a more productive draw.

Guillotine cutters also give you the flexibility to trim as much, or as little, off of the cigar’s head as you like. This needs to be done with great care, however, as cutting off too large a piece of the cigar can result in the unraveling of the cigar’s wrapper. A good rule to follow is to never cut beyond the edge of the cap, the small portion of leaf that covers the head of the cigar. Just look for the line or lines around the top of the cigar and cut anywhere before.

Single-blade guillotines had long been a popular choice, yet they do have their drawbacks. While single-blade guillotines provide a quick slicing motion, they can, at times, crush or tear the wrapper leaf. Double-blade cigar cutters, however, cut from two sides to focus the pressure of the blades on the center of the cigar, lessening the likelihood of a damaged leaf. Single-blade guillotines also have been known to damage wayward fingers if the cutter does not have a locking blade. So it is that single-blade guillotines have given way to their double-blade counterparts as the cigar cutter of choice for cigar lovers around the world.

Most double blade cutters will cut up to a 50-ring gauge. So, if you prefer larger diameter cigars or a range of different cigar sizes, then be sure to look for a cutter that will accommodate larger ring gauges. Adorini’s slim ceramic cutters are great examples, cutting up to a 70-ring gauge. Whether single or double guillotine, any cutter with locking blades is preferable to minimize unfortunate mishaps. No matter the choice of guillotine, remember the sharper and harder the steel blades, the better the chance of success with a neat, clean cut.

Cigar Punch
One of the simplest and most portable of all cutters, the cigar punch is a favorite of cigar enthusiasts on the go. Compact and often complete with a keyring, a cigar punch makes it easy to cut your cigars anywhere your travels take you.

A cigar punch is simply a circular blade that cuts or punches out a round hole at the end of a cigar. Place the blade where you want your cut to be made, press and twist. That’s it! Since pressure is put on the end of the cigar, some care must be taken not to tear or crack the leaf. As with any other cutter, the sharper the blade, the better the results.

There are varying sizes available for punch cutters, and some even offer multiple sizes built into one cutter. Adorini’s Double Cigar Punch is a favorite, offering great versatility with its super sharp Solingen blades. Fans of the cigar punch enjoy the quickness and precision of the cutting action, with some proclaiming that the smaller draw makes for a more intense, more focused smoke. Some cigar enthusiasts, however, might shy away from the cigar punch’s smaller diameter, which they might feel puts limitations on the draw and enjoyment of the smoke.

The beauty of a cigar punch is that, for larger cigars in particular, you can make multiple overlapping cuts to create a larger opening and improved draw nearly with the same result as a guillotine cutter. This versatility, combined with its smaller profile, makes a quality punch cutter a great all-around choice for the everyday cigar aficionado.

Cigar Scissors
For many cigar lovers, cigar scissors offer the best combination of style, cutting motion and nostalgia of all cigar cutters. These traditional cutters feature rounded blades that work much like regular scissors, with two handles pivoting to provide a two-blade cutting motion. Favorites of office and lounge settings, cigar scissors come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are even compact, pocket-sized scissor cutters for those on the move.

Cigar scissors work in much the same way as double-guillotine cutters, with the two scissor blades providing a flat surface area from which to draw through. Many scissor-style cutters have large handles making the cutting motion quick, comfortable, and easy.

While scissor cutters might not seem the most precise way in which to cut a cigar, with a little bit of practice, they can be intensely gratifying and every bit as precise as any other style of cutter. By ensuring the blades are made of sharp, high-quality material, cigar scissors will provide you with many great cigar smoking adventures.

The V-Cutter, also known as a cat-eye or wedge cutter, is perhaps the most unique of all the different types of cigar cutters. As its name implies, a V-Cutter cuts a V-shaped wedge out of the end of the cigar. The idea is that it will provide a draw with greater surface area to allow the greater intricacies of the tobacco to meet the palate. While this has been debated since the V-Cutter was the cutter of choice for cigar aficionados of the Gilded Age, what is beyond debate is that the V-Cutter offers a unique cigar smoking experience unlike any other.

Traditional V-Cutters can be quite tricky to use, with a levered blade being pressed down to cut across the head of the cigar. Many are made for a specific range of sizes and can damage the cigar if not used in a precise manner, especially if the cutting blade is dull. For those willing to go through a little trial and error, as well as those with a nostalgic streak, these classic cutters can be incredibly rewarding.

V-Cutters have seen a resurgence in recent years with a wholly new take on their form and function. Modern V-Cutters have taken on a design that more resembles popular guillotine cutters, offering an experience that is much easier and more versatile than the traditional V-Cutters. These cutters feature an inverted V-shaped blade that provides a clean and exact cut in one easy motion.

While not for everyone’s taste, V-Cutters can add a most satisfying dimension to the cigar cutting ritual that other cutters just can’t deliver. Whether it’s the elegance of the traditional V-Cutters or the sleek contemporary look of modern styles, the world of V-Cutters is most assuredly worth exploring.

Other Cutter Types
There are many various forms of cigar cutters that cigar lovers have turned to over the years, with each cutter offering varying degrees of effectiveness. From a piercer or poker which simply pokes a hole at the end of a cigar to cutters with four, five, or even six blades, the cutter options are seemingly endless.

One of the most popular alternative cutters is the Multi-Tool, a cigar cutter that offers a variety of functions besides that of simply cutting a cigar. Many of these will feature other handy tools, such as a screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew, or even a knife blade. These often-compact gadgets can feature punch style cutters, guillotines, or cigar scissors, making them ideal for the cigar enthusiast on the move who likes to be prepared for any situation. If you are searching for an alternative to guillotines or punch cutters, then there are plenty of other cigar cutter types from which to choose.

A Cut Above the Rest
Each style of cutter will put its own stamp on your cigar experience, so experimenting with the different options is always preferred to find which works best for you. As you set out to select a cutter, just remember, that no matter the type, precision and sharpness are the keys to successfully cutting cigars.

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