Credo Precision 70 Humidifier

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For decades cigar aficionados around the world have turned to Credo for their humidity control needs. Credo set the standard for reliable humidification devices, and you can enhance any humidor with Credo’s range of precision humidifiers. The ultimate choice is the Credo Precision 70 Humidifier.

This classic humidifier is optimized to keep 50 to 100 cigars primed and ready for action with a simple yet highly effective design. The durable, hard plastic outer shell contains special oasis foam that has been treated with a propylene glycol solution at the factory. This ensures an ideal 70% humidity for your cigars and means you need only add distilled water to maintain optimal conditions.

Maintenance is easy, with just the occasional filling with distilled water about every three weeks or so. After every six months, Credo recommends filling the humidifier with a quality cigar humidification solution to rejuvenate the foam. That is all it takes to keep the humidifier in great working order and your cigars in a perfect environment.

The Credo Precision 70 Humidifier offers a timeless design and ease-of-use that makes it an all-time favorite that you can always count on for quality cigar humidification. It gives you peace of mind, so you can better relax and enjoy your cigar smoking experience.
Brand: Credo
Product weight: 242 g
Material: ABS plastic
Interior humidifier material: Sponge
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to: 100 cigars
Colour: Black
Coating: None
EAN code: 4033215095604
Dimensions (H x W x D): 20 mm x 65 mm x 165 mm
Display: None
Item ID: Credo Precision 70 Humidifier

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