Cigar Oasis Ultra

Review rating 4.5/5
(27 Ratings)



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  • The Cigar Oasis Ultra electronic cigar humidifier was designed to mount on the lid of the humidor (or on or under a tray) with minimum space requirements.
  • It uses an upgraded microprocessor technology to measure and control the humidity accurately.
  • Two modes of control:

    1) When used with battery power it works until the desired humidity is reached. Then the unit goes to 'sleep' which means the power is turned off to extend battery life. It will sample the humidity every five minutes to make sure the humidity is correct. If not, it goes into control mode to adjust humidity.

    2) When operating on line power it samples the humidity continuously.
  • In both cases the control point is set to 70% humidity.
  • The unit comes with a sealed water cartridge mounted and ready to use.
EAN code: 4260128725124
Measurement mechanism: Electronic sensor
Material: ABS plastic
Colour: Silver
Fixing: Magnet
Display: Digital
Temperature range: None celsius
Brand: Cigar Oasis
Suitable for up to: 200 cigars
Item ID: Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0
Coating: None
Interior sponge material: Water tank
Temperature accuracy: None
Product weight: 388 g
Temperature units: None
Humidity accuracy: 1.00%
Dimensions (H x W x D): 25.4 mm x 63.5 mm x 162 mm

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Customer ratings and reviews

Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(27 Ratings)
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67 % (18 Ratings)
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Review rating
 07 Jan 2019
Translated from original in German
Runs fine, accurately producing 70% humidity.
Review rating
 30 Sep 2017
Ingenious little product. Works well. Just one complaint. The magnet that came with it isn’t strong enough to fasten the humidifier well when it’s hung in humidor.
Review rating
 09 Oct 2013
Translated from original in Italian
Very professional, as always.
Review rating
 06 Mar 2011
Translated from original in Italian
Despite the bad publicity on the web I read by other owners of the product, and despite an initial non pleasant mechanic odor; Cigar Oasis Ultra seems to work very well for now, better than the cigarspa, great product!
Review rating
 28 Aug 2018
Review rating
 18 Aug 2018
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 23 Apr 2018
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 24 Nov 2017
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 16 Nov 2017
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 27 Jan 2017
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 12 Oct 2013
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 20 Dec 2012
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 06 Jun 2012
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 09 Feb 2012
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 28 Nov 2011
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 23 Sep 2011
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 26 Aug 2011
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