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Cigar Oasis Ultra

Cigar Oasis Ultra

4.5 (30 Ratings)

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Reaching into a humidor and selecting a perfectly seasoned cigar is a truly satisfying moment. To ensure these cigars are primed and ready to be savored to their fullest, they must be kept in the optimal environment. That’s where Cigar Oasis, one of the leaders in cigar humidification, steps in to deliver the very best in humidity control with the Cigar Oasis Ultra.

This streamlined humidification device uses all the latest technologies to deliver high-powered humidity control that is constant, long-lasting and effortless to maintain. The electronic humidifier’s thinner profile means it won’t take up much valuable humidor space, allowing you to humidify up to 100 cigars or 1.5 cubic meters of space. Mount it on the underside of the humidor’s lid, on a tray or even underneath a tray. With its dual power option of a thin ribbon power cable and rechargeable battery system, it can fit almost anywhere.

An easy-to-read digital display lets you keep tabs on the water level, temperature, and the relative humidity. You can adjust from the preset 70% humidity to your desired level with just a touch of a button. You can even add a separate Wi-Fi connectivity accessory to the unit for even more robust control.

Controlled by a powerful microprocessor, the system works to perfection with a removable water cartridge and a powerful fan circulating humidity throughout the humidor. Once ideal humidity is reached, an onboard sensor will shut off the fan. If humidity levels drop, the fan leaps into action once again to guarantee humidity levels are consistent. When using the power cable, the sensors continuously check climate levels. When using the battery, the unit will go into sleep mode once the desired humidity has been reached. The sensors will check conditions every five minutes and turn the system on again if more humidity is needed. This efficiently saves power, all the while keeping a close watch over your prized cigar collection.

The Cigar Oasis Ultra offers bigtime humidity control in a small package, letting you sit back and relax, knowing your cigars will always be in optimal condition. Reward yourself with the peace of mind that is included with each Cigar Oasis Ultra.
EAN code:
Item ID:
Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0
Measurement mechanism:
Electronic sensor
Product weight:
388 g
Suitable for up to:
200 cigars
Temperature units:
Cigar Oasis
Dimensions (H x W x D):
1 in x 2.5 in x 6.4 in
Temperature accuracy:
ABS plastic
Humidity accuracy:
Interior sponge material:
Water tank
Temperature range:
None celsius

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 4.5/5   (30 Ratings)
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 22 May 2020

Works very well!

 05 May 2020

Top device for the money!

 07 Jan 2019

Runs fine, accurately producing 70% humidity.

 30 Sep 2017

Ingenious little product. Works well. Just one complaint. The magnet that came with it isn’t strong enough to fasten the humidifier well when it’s hung in humidor.

 27 Jan 2017

Perfect: it manages the hygrometry at your place without a problem. The 1st I received had a battery defect but the client support of HumidorDiscount is 100% reliable: no return expenses on my account and the problem was very quickly addressed. In short, I recommend HumidorDiscount and the Cigar Oasis Ultra.

 09 Oct 2013

Very professional, as always.

 06 Mar 2011

Despite the bad publicity on the web I read by other owners of the product, and despite an initial non pleasant mechanic odor; Cigar Oasis Ultra seems to work very well for now, better than the cigarspa, great product!

 17 Jun 2020
 28 Aug 2018
 18 Aug 2018
 23 Apr 2018
 24 Nov 2017
 16 Nov 2017
 12 Oct 2013
 20 Dec 2012
 06 Jun 2012
 09 Feb 2012