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 adorini Neptun Cutter Leather Case Black $30

As with any high-precision device, adorini’s popular Neptun Cutter Solingen Blade series of double guillotines deserves to be kept in ideal condition. Keeping your prized cigar tool safely under wraps when not in use, the Neptun Cutter Leather Case will prove a most valuable investment whether you keep your cutter tucked away in a drawer on your person while on the go.

The alluring black textured leather case is crafted especially for the Neptun Cutter series, providing just the right fit that will keep the cutter snuggly secured away in an elegantly stylish fashion. The soft, smooth leather helps keep your cutter from being scratched or dented by other items, such as coins or keys, and will, in turn, help protect surfaces of those other items around it. A conveniently placed notch on the opening also lets you easily slide the cutter out of the case in a quick and effortless motion.

This genuine leather case is an ideal companion to the Neptun Cutter, whether as added insurance for your cutter or as a gift for your favorite cigar aficionado. Keep your cutter clean and pristine and do it with flair with the Neptun Cutter Leather Case Black, only from adorini.

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  • adorini brand double-blade cutter with razor-sharp blades "Made in Solingen"
  • Experience an extremely clean and smooth cut of your cigars. No squeezing of your cigars during the cut.
  • The German town Solingen is renowned all over the word for their expertise in producing some of the best blades. The blades of this cutter are made of highest grade steel also used for chirugical knives and have been polished by hand by an experienced grinder in Solingen.
  • The blades have been hardened to a value of 57 on the Rockwell scale.
  • The cutters fits also for larger cigars of ring gauge up to 52.
  • This elegant cutter has an excellent feel in your hand and permits a perfectly controlled smooth cut.
  • A spring mechanism prevents unintentional opening of the cutter.
  • Chrome finish
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Origin of blades: Solingen/germany
Hardness of blade: 57 on rockwell scale
Brand: Adorini
Blades: 2
EAN code: 4260128729726
Item ID: 6909
Category: Double blade cutter
Model: 6909
Material of blades: Surgical steel

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