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 adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L $12.00
Using a humidifier seems simple enough, just add distilled water and let it do its thing, right? Well, water alone, distilled or not, does not necessarily mean your cigars are going to be kept at the optimal humidity level. Humidifiers can be all over the map when it comes to reliability. There will always be room for improvement, and so adorini offers Humifit Humidor Solution Premium. Whether you have an adorini-branded acrylic polymer humidifying unit or any other humidifier, this premium liquid will have the humidifier working at peak performance like never before.

This solution has been specially developed to both preserve your cigars and prolong the functionality of your humidifier, offering much more to the humidification process than plain old distilled water. A key aspect of the fluid is the presence of silver ions, which have been added for their antibacterial properties and to provide long-lasting, consistent humidity control. The result of this unique liquid is a powerful humidification tool that will let you rest easy in the knowledge your cigars are receiving the best humidity control possible.

The Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium is available in one-liter bottles, perfect for enhancing larger humidifiers, multiple humidifiers at a time or simply stashing away for humidor emergencies whenever they should arise. You can also use the one-liter containers to fill smaller squeeze bottles for applications that might call for more precision.

Whether for an acryl polymer-based humidification system or any other humidifier you want to optimize for greater humidity control, adorini’s Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L will prove an invaluable enhancement that you should always have on hand. Do away with the worry and frustration of inferior humidity management, and stock up with Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium.
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While cigars might get all the attention, tobacco pipes are poised to once again step into the limelight, making the need for high-quality pipe cabinets more desirable than ever. But how do you bring the old fashioned ways of pipe collecting into the modern age? Well, with the adorini Martin Pipe Collection Cabinet, of course! The adorini team has put their cigar humidor design expertise on full display with this must-have for the serious pipe collector.

Pipe collecting has never looked so good, with a luxurious multi-lacquered Macassar Ebony finish over Spanish cedar perfectly accentuating the cabinet’s gold-color accents and alluring modern design. Five velvet-lined cedar drawers each slide out to reveal separate spaces for six pipes, letting you store up to 30 of your most cherished pipes. A sixth drawer serves as the ideal stash for tobacco tins, pipe cleaners, matches, pipe tools, and other accessories, so you have everything you need for your pipe-smoking escape all in one place.

The drawers help keep everything well-organized and readily accessible, while the cabinet’s super strong construction ensures your pipes are safely tucked away when not in use. Raised feet elevate the cabinet off surfaces, while ventilation openings at the bottom help keep air flowing freely throughout the cabinet. You will never have to deal with stuffy or stale air again.

These are just some of the innovative touches which separate adorini from the rest and make the Martin Pipe Collection Cabinet the ultimate choice for any pipe collector wanting a quality, modern-style cabinet with perhaps just a splash of old-world charm. This alluring treasure cabinet is the largest in adorini’s library of fine offerings for pipe cabinets, so if you need something a little bit smaller, check out their Pipe Cabinet Poul or Pipe Case Alfred!
Width: 2400 mm
Height: 385 mm
Material inside veneer: Spanish cedar wood
Warranty: Adorini life-time warranty
Item ID: 6091
Material of humidor case: Wood
Color: Brown
Material exterior veneer: Macassar mahogany
Brand: Adorini
EAN code: 4260128729825

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