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 adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L $12.00
Using a humidifier seems simple enough, just add distilled water and let it do its thing, right? Well, water alone, distilled or not, does not necessarily mean your cigars are going to be kept at the optimal humidity level. Humidifiers can be all over the map when it comes to reliability. There will always be room for improvement, and so adorini offers Humifit Humidor Solution Premium. Whether you have an adorini-branded acrylic polymer humidifying unit or any other humidifier, this premium liquid will have the humidifier working at peak performance like never before.

This solution has been specially developed to both preserve your cigars and prolong the functionality of your humidifier, offering much more to the humidification process than plain old distilled water. A key aspect of the fluid is the presence of silver ions, which have been added for their antibacterial properties and to provide long-lasting, consistent humidity control. The result of this unique liquid is a powerful humidification tool that will let you rest easy in the knowledge your cigars are receiving the best humidity control possible.

The Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium is available in one-liter bottles, perfect for enhancing larger humidifiers, multiple humidifiers at a time or simply stashing away for humidor emergencies whenever they should arise. You can also use the one-liter containers to fill smaller squeeze bottles for applications that might call for more precision.

Whether for an acryl polymer-based humidification system or any other humidifier you want to optimize for greater humidity control, adorini’s Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L will prove an invaluable enhancement that you should always have on hand. Do away with the worry and frustration of inferior humidity management, and stock up with Humifit Humidifier Solution Premium.
 Optional upgrade: Digital hygrometer $15.00
Click here to get a digital adorini hygrometer with capacitive sensor and a value of EUR 35 for only EUR 9 instead of the analogue hair hygrometer.
 Engraving service $8.00
Brass plate including engraving.
Engraving text (max 21 characters):

  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • capacity: 13 cigars
  • adorini premium travel humidor with scratch-resistant veneer from real Spanish cedar.
  • This humidor demonstrates that a functional travel humidor does not need to be of plastic. Travel with style.
  • Two levels of innovative foam inlays prevent any movement of each cigar during transport.
  • Inside lining from Spanish cedar wood.
  • Foam inlays are removeable, which makes this a truely dual purpose humidor. At home you can remove the foam elements and enjoy the full capacity of the humidor and on the go you can protect your cigars by using the foam inlay with openings for different cigar formats.

  • Gold plated button lock to prevent any unintentional opening on the go.
  • Dimensions (exterior): L:18.6cm B:26cm H:6.4cm
  • Dimensions (interior): L:14.6cm B:22cm H:3.6cm
  • EAN 4260128728446
  • Capacity for up to 13 corona cigars. Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
EAN code: 4260128728446
Exterior finish: Matte
Dimensions (H x W x D): 360 mm x 220 mm x 146 mm
Warranty: Adorini life-time warranty
Exterior veneer: Spanish cedar
Color: Brown
Inner dimensions (H x W x D): 36 mm x 146 mm x 220 mm
Item ID: 6862
Brand: Adorini
Hygrometer: None
Material of humidor case: Wood
Lock and key to close the humidor: No
Interior lining: Spanish cedar

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Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(37 Ratings)
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62 % (23 Ratings)
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Review rating
 14 Dec 2018
Translated from original in French
Satisfied, good product.
Review rating
 13 Nov 2018
Translated from original in German
Nice little humidor I do not use for travel purposes but in the office. Ideal for storing a few Half Coronas, Panetelas or others to enjoy a perfect cigar in the office at lunchtime when going for a walk. Although delivered with a humidifier it was too small for a hygrometer inside. I use Boveda packs.
Review rating
 17 Oct 2017
The humidor is really a top quality item. Nice finish inside and outside and the mechanism feels like it is going to last 50 years or so! The only bad thing is the humidifier that feels cheap and is made from not very good plastic. A cheap upgrade is possible!
Review rating
 19 Sep 2017
The product came in perfect condition. Fast and efficient.
Review rating
 03 Jan 2015
It is a high quality product. I recommend it to all frequent traveller cigar lovers
Review rating
 14 Jul 2014
Translated from original in French
The closure system is very hard. The rest is perfect
Review rating
 01 Jul 2014
Translated from original in Italian
high quality material and fine degree of finish.
Review rating
 30 Jun 2014
Dividers inside and clip are perfect for travelling. Bought for birthday gift so not used it yet. He already has Adorini Humidor so I'm sure the travel one will live up to the reputation and usual quality.
Review rating
 15 May 2014
Translated from original in French
Review rating
 17 Jan 2019
Review rating
 06 Jul 2015
Review rating
 29 Jun 2015
Review rating
 21 Jun 2015
Review rating
 09 Jun 2015
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 01 May 2015
Review rating
 07 Feb 2015
Review rating
 03 Jan 2015
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